Welcome to use human SNP interpretation database!


Here is an all-in-one system for genetic variation analysis, which would provide you the most highly confidential and comprehensive report directly from custom variation data.


All you need is to submit your variation site (in either BED or VCF format), and we will:

1.    Summarizing all reported function annotations for variations in your dataset, including phenotype association, drug resistance and potential disease risk, provided alone with source database or original research;

2.    Personalized analysis for novel variations found in your dataset, focused on variations on key genes related with phenotype, drug-targeting and disease. Influence risk of variations on each gene would be reported, together with function annotation of each genes.


To be highly confidential and comprehensive, we:

       Integrate well-known variation report databases including dbSNP, Hapmap and 1000 Genome Project, as well as annotation databases covering SNP-trait, SNP-gene, and gene-trait annotation, such as dbGAP, HuGe and DrugBank.

To provide personalized analysis, we:

Collecting all trait-related genes from multiple databases, mapping all novel variations on key genes, and evaluate variation risk to gene function with SIFT and Polyphen.